Tuesday, August 6, 2013

So What's Up With Ginger - What Spice Or Herb ?

Although most of the spice cabinet kitchen including ginger jars , usually considered the spice and ginger someone did not think of adding herbs to a recipe , people will add spice ginger . Ginger spice added to Ginger Snaps , Ginger Bread , Ginger Ale , gingered chicken , and gingered Pumpkin Cheesecake , face it , the spice " ginger " is mentioned in many recipes . So , is the ginger spice or herb ? Well , ginger spice . . . and . . . herbs .

By definition , herbs are the leafy parts of plants and shrubs are used for flavoring food , medicine or application harvested essential oils for body care products . Examples of these would be part of leafy herbs ginger , parsley , rosemary , lavender and cilantro . The spices are harvested from flowers , seeds, bark or roots of plants or trees . Examples include: cinnamon ( bark) , cilantro ( coriander seeds ) , cloves , turmeric and ginger root . Your eyes are not deceiving you - I 've got ginger listed below examples of both spices and herbs . Cilantro is a cross -over also , by definition herbal plant leaves and seeds of spices , called coriander . Coriander really confused me when I first started cultivating herbs . I looked high and low for coriander seeds in a nursery . When I finally asked the clerk for help , I handed the package of seeds with " coriander seeds " boldly written on the top of the package and a beautiful picture of healthy herb cilantro plants at the bottom . The incident pushed my first purchase of a book about herb gardening .

Line between classification terminology herbs or spices in general have become interchangeable depending on the use Culinary according to the American Spice Trade Association ) . Plants , seeds and roots are used for medicinal properties is usually called " herbal " Land of herbs used in cooking applications called " seasoning " . Perhaps this example will help . Ground ginger ( spices) used in baking cakes . Ginger ( herb ) is immersed in boiling water for tea used in the medicinal way .

However it is classified , ginger is a very versatile herb for medicinal purposes . Ginger can be used for chewing to reduce nausea ( drunk ) , soaked in tea can be used to reduce chest congestion , to relieve gas pains and abdominal bloating ( roots mince and add to baked beans ) , treat asthma , bronchitis and the list goes on . However it is classified , ginger is a very versatile spice for culinary applications , recipes dessert , beer , soda and flavorings list is going well .

Herbs or spices , ginger is one of my favorites !

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