Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Is Ginger Inhibits Colon Cancer ?

Society continues to thirst for curing colon cancer remains immedicable until last year . Therefore , the findings in studies of colon cancer have never failed to be in the limelight . One of the latest discoveries is the potential for ginger supplements as a cure colon cancer in a study done by Professor Suzanna M. Zick , ND , MP H , University of Michigan Medical School research professor - assistant .

Zick , assistant professor of research at the University of Michigan Medical School , emphasized in his study properties of anti - inflammatory properties of ginger in the large intestine . His research did not directly claim ginger supplements as a cure for cancer but as a preventive treatment against carcinogenesis . The findings of his study showed that the number of inflammatory markers in the colon is reduced for those subjects who were given the ginger supplement while no significant changes in the subjects who were given the placebo . The National Cancer Institute funded research on the relationship Zick ginger supplements and colon cancer . It was published in a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research , known as Cancer Prevention Research . However , a number of subjects in the study ( 30 people ) to make demands of medical experts for further study in a larger group .

By reviewing the risk factors of colon cancer , medical researchers identified that precedes inflammatory bowel disorders bowel malignancy . They also stressed that prevents its predecessor , reducing the likelihood of colon cancer . In some studies , medical analysts determined that the substance in ginger zingabain prevent colon malignancy through anti - inflammatory properties . Apart from inhibiting intestinal inflammation and reduce , ginger also can protect the colon from bacterial and parasitic infections .

As mentioned earlier , there is only limited research on the effects of anti- cancer colon ginger supplements . Maybe there are promising results such as Prof. Zick findings in his study , but certain limitations make the public satisfied . However , the efficiency of ginger in maintaining good health has long been outstanding in most of the Asian countries like India and China .

But then again , people have become wise when it comes to health issues . Every breakthrough in medicine or health should be evidenced -based and evidence should be statistically and scientifically approved . In addition , there are other studies that performed a successful and useful in limited subject but have failed and dangerous when applied to a larger group of subjects .

Indeed , the problem worldwide in colon cancer and other types of carcinogenesis find hope and possible solutions from an integrated study on colon cancer and ginger supplements . But , make sure that you seek medical supervision of health authorities when you take certain health products such as ginger supplements . In addition , the use of ginger supplements are not prohibited as long as you take it correctly . Keep in mind that the health and safety always comes first and this is achieved through adequate knowledge of the use , the beneficial effects and side effects of certain medical products .

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