Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How People Use Ginger Exactly China

Currently in the United States , people use ginger from time to time : ginger tea , ginger candy , ginger capsules , ginger powder , and even ginger ale . But here , all of these products contain ingredients dried ginger . For some people , this may be not suitable for them . The question is why it does not fit ? Ginger is not safe ? The answer is in the conceptual differentiation pattern . We may see some people around us suffering from fever , sore throat , restlessness , hyperactivity , thirst , short tempered , prone to headaches , dizziness easy , red faced , red eyes , prone to earaches , etc. However , some other people in the around us may have low energy , easy feeling cold , etc. people have individual issues that must meet certain balance . They can not always use something that is seen as the all-purpose " cure . " Ginger is a good example of what we assume is the all-purpose " cure " for a minor problem , but this is a misconception - people have different ways to achieve balance and ginger can upset the balance even further .

Has dried ginger can backfire on you , while the fresh ginger is what you're really looking for the best of fresh ginger to help with issues of shallow body , such as sweat from overheating , breathing problems , edema , help with allergic reactions to food , and helps detoxify the body . For example , if someone has a headache , body aches , fatigue , poor appetite , colds with mucus , and chills , or if we cook at home with some raw materials with different tastes or smells you do not like , you can use fresh ginger in The second situation to help . If you use dried ginger in the first situation , it would not help at all or may make it worse . Dried ginger is best for internal problems over the body, such as a type of stomach problems with the following complaints : nausea , vomiting , low energy , easy to feel the cold , hard - to - digest food , or diarrhea . Fresh ginger too soft and not quite warm ( in TCM terms ) . However , please note that the body of each person has a different reaction , because people are often divided into those who get cold easily and those who get hot easily . Dried ginger can backfire on those who get hot easily because of its heat . Fresh ginger can backfire on those very cold easily , because it is a little warm . This also applies to cinnamon . If you are the type that look that you often freeze when your friends fine or warm , then you can benefit from having more than dried ginger fresh ginger . Overall, the herb is a tune - up for the body to correct the problem , since the body has set itself properly .

The words " warm " or " cold " here just conceptual - it does not mean you can actually measure the cold or warm with a thermometer We categorize complaints into various types such concepts . " Cold " and " hot / warm " Imagine . we are now in the winter as we experienced , and everything was cool . because cold everywhere in winter , everything is in the lowest state , and frozen rivers , etc. In other words , a complaint which is the hallmark of a common feeling in winter categorized into " cold " type . Of course , in the winter , we keep ourselves warm by wearing more clothes , heating our homes , have a hot meal , etc. If not , we will freeze to death due to dangerous cold . If we ignore the dangerous cold , we will do the opposite of what we need . we will make our situation worse and in turn our health deteriorates . in the summer though , everything hot / warm , and operates quickly . Our eating and drinking cold things , we turn on the air conditioning to cool our homes , wear less clothing , all to keep the temperature balance in our body . If we ignore the effects of overheating , our health will deteriorate in this case also . As you can see , we try to treat the problem by examining the patterns that nature has revealed to us and apply it to humans .

This is a simple example , we can see clearly . The basis of each person is different . That's why when we have a problem , we can not assume the general recommendation is all-purpose . We must make appropriate and attention to our categorization of symptoms ' .

Dr. Wang , a doctor from China , is a licensed acupuncturist in New York primary , Connecticut , and Wisconsin . He is a former Columbia University Medical School professor and research scientist (1991-2004) with more than 30 medical and acupuncture publications to his name and has been featured in various TV shows , such as CBS News , as well as radio shows , magazine articles and medical journals . He was invited to speak about acupuncture and Chinese herbs by many medical schools and universities and well-known companies , including Harvard University , Columbia University , NYU Medical School , Mt . Sinai Medical School and Colgate Company . Dr. Wang graduated from Henan and Guangzhou Chinese Medicine School under the eight -year medical program full time , including Chinese herbal medicine , acupuncture and modern Western medicine .

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