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Ginger : Home Remedy For Pain , Inflammation

Of people with chronic conditions such as arthritis to those who perform heavy physical labor , pain and daily pain is the norm . The standard procedure for most of the fight either of muscle pain or joint inflammation is to grab a bottle of ibuprofen or naproxen . These drugs , known as NSAIDs ( non - steroidal anti - inflammatory drugs ) , readily available and seemingly harmless .

However , taking NSAIDs on a regular basis or at high doses can cause damage to the lining of the stomach and kidneys . If you have a chronic illness or condition your body to take a beating on a regular basis at work or the gym , it is important to find a method of pain relief that does not put your health at risk .

Herbal Remedy : Ginger

Therapeutic benefits of ginger have been known since ancient times . Most commonly , the root is used to treat respiratory problems and stomach problems such as nausea and diarrhea . It has been praised for its anti - inflammatory properties , and in recent years the level of pain relief prowess has made ​​the topic of scientific research .

One study compared the effects of ginger extract with ibuprofen and betamethasone , corticosteroids , in synovial cells extracted from patients with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis . Researchers measured the amount of cytokines before and after application of the drug , a key cytokine of inflammation proliferators . While ibuprofen has a significant effect on cytokine levels in this study , ginger extract proved as effective as corticosteroids to reduce them . Corticosteroids are drugs anti - inflammatory injected into the joint popular with arthritis patients . See more about the study at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23365744 .

Another study assessed the effects of daily ginger consumption on the level of pain in people who ordered in repetitive movements that cause pain and inflammation of the elbow . For 11 days , participants either took 2 grams ( 0.07 oz . ) Ginger raw or heated , while the other group took a placebo . After 11 days , both groups ginger see similar improvements compared with placebo , with a reduction in pain of 25 % on raw ginger group and 23 % in - heat treated ginger group . This result is promising for those who have pain due to repetitive motion or muscle soreness from working . See more about the study at http://www.jpain.org/article/S1526-5900 % 2809 % 2900915-8/abstract .


Ginger can be consumed in various ways . It can be purchased in the form of root or powder form . Minced ginger can be added to the curry , egg , rice , meat and almost any dish you like. This powder can also be used in place of the roots if you can not access the second . Raw ginger is cheaper , however , and can be more effective in providing pain .

You can also drink ginger . Boil a few tablespoons of chopped ginger in a cup of water for an hour will give strong tea . Raw ginger can be added to your juicer along with vegetables and other fruits . If you 're looking for something to give you a jolt in the morning or before exercise , consider making a " ginger shot . " Juice about 3 ounces of raw ginger and shoot back .

Side effects of ginger are few and far between . As with most herbs and drugs , it is unknown whether ginger can have harmful effects when used by pregnant or lactating women . It can thin the blood , which can cause problems for people with thin blood or those taking medications that thin the blood . Ginger can also lower blood glucose levels , which means diabetics on medication may need to adjust their dose . Finally , for some people , a large amount of ginger can irritate the stomach is empty .

Ginger is one of the safest anti - inflammatory agents around . If you get yourself heading to the medicine cabinet on a regular basis , make changes and take some ginger on your next trip to the grocery store .

Safe option for pain management solutions exist . Educate yourself on alternative solutions to pain management . Please ask questions , leave comments or stories related to this article about handing back pain management .

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