Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ginger - The Miracle Food Cure For Sinus Infection

Ginger associated with the kitchen in many countries in the world is the root of the plant Zingiber officinale . This plant was first cultivated in South Asia , although it is now also grown in East Africa and the Caribbean . Depending on the location , ginger is used both as a spice , delicacy or medicine . Ginger , when ingested drugs provide many benefits for the body . This is one of the relief provided for people who suffer from sinus infections .

A sinus infection occurs when there is inflammation of the sinus cavities in the face of a person who is present . This inflammation causes nasal blockage , which can cause a number of problems for humans . These problems can include headaches , watery eyes , toothache , constant throbbing pain in the front of the face and fungal and bacterial infections . Infection can even spread to the eye or the brain that can lead to severe complications . Ginger is helpful in treating sinus , as it has a component that helps in thinning the mucus . This helps in releasing blockages caused by mucus in the nasal cavity .

Ginger can be consumed in three ways , each has its own advantages . The first way to consume ginger to eat solid piece of ginger every day . This is beneficial , as it helps in the prevention of cold and other throat infections . Raw ginger can be cut in small pieces and placed in the mouth . At chew a piece of ginger , juice helps in soothing the throat produced .

Ginger tea is also another way to provide relief to sinus infections . Ginger tea is prepared by taking small pieces of ginger and boiled in water for about ten to fifteen minutes . Once the water has boiled , pour the water through a filter paper to keep the pieces of ginger . Add honey to tea and drink it . This will give relief to sinus headaches and soothe the throat as well .

Finally , ginger can also be inhaled smoke which will cause thinning mucus and particles to flow more easily . Can be directly inhaled smoke tea or a piece of cloth can be dipped in water and applied to the face for smoke inhalation . This is a good way to cure the infection as well , since ginger has a component of anti - bacterial .

Therefore , by using ginger , spices are easy to find at home , an effective sinus home remedy can be made to provide relief from the discomfort . This is one method of sinus treatment is the cheapest and most effective available for humans .

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