Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ginger Ale - Stomach Soother

The word " ale " in " Ginger " revealed that the dried , sweetened soft drinks used to be a little on the loud side . It is a popular form of beer between colonial America , who often drink at their favorite bar . They also drank ginger beer as a digestive aid . Alcohol has long been missing from it , but this refreshing drink has made its reputation as a home remedy to help .

The next time you have a stomach ache , pour yourself a glass of ginger ale . Ginger in it contains a compound called gingerol , which seems to block the brain " gag reflex . " Research has shown that ginger works better than over-the - counter anti - nausea medications .

For ease abdominal pain or indigestion , ginger works best when taken at room temperature . It is also important to let the bubbles escape . If not , carbonation will cause turbulence in the stomach , which can increase the nausea .

You can also use ginger as a remedy for indigestion . It contains a compound called zingibain , which is similar to the digestive enzymes in the stomach . It gives you a boost stomach helps when you have neglected to a great meal . Research has shown that ginger stimulates muscle contractions like waves , called peristalsis , in the gut . These waves move food through the digestive tract , while they increase with the ginger action , you tend to have " stuffed " feeling . The active ingredients also appear to kill the germs that cause cold .

Ginger initially contains a large amount of fresh ginger . Most varieties of today, however , only a slight ginger flavor and contains little or no active ingredients . You will get the most benefit from this drink when you buy it in health food stores . " Natural " Ginger Ales typically containing up to 1 g . real ginger in an 8 - oz . serve .

To get the maximum benefit from the healing ginger along with the full flavor , you might want to make your own . This traditional recipe deliciously refreshing and provide all the fresh ginger that you need to be healthy . Grated 2 tsp . fresh ginger , add some lemon zest ( or lemon ) and honey , and mix it with 1 cup of boiling water . Let steep 5 minutes , then strain and chill . When you are ready to drink deliciously cheerful , dilute with a mixture of 1 liter of soda water . This loss of fresh flavor quite quickly , so be sure to drink a day .

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